Flying Programs
You Won`t regret if you fly above lake Ohrid…

Tandem paragliding flights are the best and the simplest way different kind of excitement and adrenaline from the sky without having previous experience and knowledge.

Flying with tandem paragliding is the easiest, the fastest and the safest option for your short vocation in Ohrid to feel free like a bird, to feel peace and quiet that the nature offers us.

Flying with tandem paragliding is for everyone from the age of 3 until 83 having no experience and knowledge.

The people under the age of 12 must be accompanied by adult.

On the take-off spot, after a 10min briefing, our tandem pilots will prepare you for take-off and landing.

The Macedonian Tandem Paragliding team is formed in 2002 and the same team works actively in Ohrid from 2008 and it is known as FlyOhrid.


What do I need to have with me?

Bring comfortable shoes or sneakers, something in which your foot and wrist will be well protected.

For how long will I be up in the air?

Depending on the thermal and weather conditions the flight time is approximately 15 min., sometimes longer sometimes shorter…

Are there any restrictions?

Yes, there are restrictions about the weight. The minimal weight is 12 kg., and the maximum weight is 130 kg.

How to get to the starting point, and from where do we climb?

We pick you up from your hotel or the suit where you are staying, and after the end of the adventure we take you back to the hotel.

How do we know if the program will be realized or canceled?

Before the final reservation of the program, we make a weather check and let you know which days are favorable for the program to be completed successfully, if one of those days you are free and the reservation suits you, we realize the flight, if it doesn’t we will wait for a another good day during your stay in Ohrid.

Can I bring a friend to watch?

We will be happy if you bring a friend – if we have a free seat in the vehicle. It’s agreed in advance during the reservation…

Recommendet clothes:

– Walking shoes or sneakers are compulsory
– Jacket- optional
– Trousers- optional

Our programs: